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Our Path

We are Jose and Liz – a Brazilian and an American who met in Southeast Asia and fell in love. We are both lifetime travelers, both suckers for beauty, both easily captivated by a good story or an exotic location or the promise of a village just around the bend where the people are all master weavers. Together, we have more miles of travel behind us than your average astronaut, but our favorite place in the entire world is Frenchtown, New Jersey, which is why we’ve settled here for good.

We named our business “Two Buttons” because a priest in Laos told us that we had so much love for life that we needed nothing more than two buttons in our pockets to get by in this world Actually, sometimes we have gotten by on only one button.

Come for the day and see the whole world …

Two Buttons Opening Hours Wednesday to Sunday
10:00 am to 5:00pm
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