Jose Nunes moves on - The new Chapter

The Business Life of Jose Nunes – A New Chapter Begins

An update from Jose Nunes.

Two Buttons is closed, but business life is moving on.

I am now selling the most beautiful gemstone collection, passionately and painstakingly collected over more than a decade, in a new business called Rocky Gem.

Rocky Gem is inspired by the only dog who didn’t warm to me – a gem of a dog, called Rocky. Many of you who visited Two Buttons may have had the opportunity to meet Rocky and remember how lovely he was.

The pictures you see here are part of my rarest, most interesting (and most beautiful) gems. They are opalized belemnites and their story is fascinating!

Prized possession of Jose Nunes. The Virgin Queen opalized belemnite

My most prized opalized belemnite which I have named “The Virgin Queen”

Fifty or so million years ago these two squid were swimming in the sea above what is now the opal capital of Coober Pedy, in the South Australian outback. For some reason, they died and were buried in the sediment of the sea floor. Nature filled the cavity left by the squid with the very best crystal opal. Then, just forty years ago, the ripper on a bulldozer unearthed these two special gems. opal expert, Peter Blythe from Mineshaft in Australia, believes they could be the largest high quality opalized belemnites ever found.

Visit Rocky Gem to read more about these beautiful opalized belemnites and the rest of my collection.

Thank you for visiting, and enjoy browsing the new site.

My very best greeting to all of you.

Jose Nunes